10 reasons to travel to Costa Rica to practice sports


Costa Rica has been one of the most popular destinations around the world during the past years. Stay
with us and figure out all the wonderful reasons that will make you choose it for your next trip!

1 Ride a Bike Around the Country!
Costa Rica has been focusing lately on producing renewable energy. So why not moving around by
bike? Give it a try, rent a bike and visit small and folkloric towns!

2 Hitchhike and Discover Active Volcanoes
Visit the five active volcanoes in Costa Rica. You can hitchhike all of them. But the most popular one is
called Arenal, located in Alajuela province. Don’t miss its thermal springs, they’re Heaven on Earth!

3 Walk Through Foggy Forests
Costa Rica is the country with the largest biodiversity in the world per square meter. There are tons of
places to visit, like its famous foggy or rainforests forests. Visit Monteverde and Braulio Carrillo
National Park, you’ll see thousands of waterfalls!

4 Practice Kiteboarding in Bahía Salinas
Bahia Salinas, located on the West coast line is well known as the off-the-beaten-path paradise of
wind. It’s an amazing beach where besides kiteboarding you will be stunned with the amount of
animals this bay owns, such as dolphins, sea turtles, whales and tuna.

5 Security
Security is one of the most important issues while traveling. Costa Rica is one of the most safe places
in Latin America, especially out of the capital.

6 Shocking Death Slides
Once you try Death Slides in Costa Rica nothing will be the same. The most popular places to do it are
Arenal and Monteverde, but there are also tons of fantastic and less touristic places around the

7 Typical Food in Traditional Restaurants
Get all the energy you need to practice sports by eating in the most traditional places around Costa
Rica. We encourage you to taste the real Costa Rican plates, you’ll love them!

8 Surfing Costa Rican Beaches
Surf is one of the most popular sports in Costa Rica, you can go by yourself if you know surfing or you
can also try learning at a camp. There are tons of beaches with all kinds of waves. Playa Grande, in
Guanacaste is one of the most famous beaches around.

9 Yoga Camps and Retreats
Costa Rica is a wonderful place to practice yoga. Their stunning sunsets, sunrises and good vibes attract people from all over the world.

10 Practice Sports surrounded by Nature
Nothing like practicing sports surrounded by nature! Breathing clean and fresh air while practicing your
favorite sports are wonders of life that can only be enjoyed in Costa Rica!

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