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About Us

Collect Moments Not Things
We are tireless adventurers, fans of water sports, lovers of nature, animals and other cultures, always looking for new experiences that allow us to continue flying beyond the matter

Our Team


Beatriz Juárez


Traveling is my passion and adventure sports are my devotion. From my experience in the tourism and hospitality industry I have realized that there was an unmet need for people looking for adventure trips. As a result, “I’m Your Trip” was born with an aim of offering a unique experience to solo travelers who do not only want to learn or practice a sport, but also have the curiosity to explore new countries and cultures while sharing these experiences with other individuals of their age. Here we connect like-minded people that share the same interests while we create unforgettable experiences.


Pablo Calatrava

General Manager

I have been traveling around the world since I was a child so I can tell I´m a travel addict. Living in Miami for more than 15 years now has given me the opportunity to work with people from all over the countries and cultures and also has permitted me to learn how to deal with each of them. Contacts are the key worldwide.

I´m Your Trip is a new challenge for me where I will put all my effort in order to offer the best of my know how. Let´s go for it!


Gisell Campos

Assistant Manager

I’ve been interested in the hospitality industry ever since I first discovered. Once I started to travel, everything felt more intense. Every day was a new adventure. I paid attention to details and enjoyed new places. I was dying to embrace a life of freedom and experiencing the beauty of the world, sharing life experiences with new people and having wild adventures to remember for ever. I really wanted to discover more about the world and more about myself. Once you make the commitment to creating a lifetime of travel, you will be amazed at the doors that open up for you…I’m definitely in my dream job, happy to connect people in this life adventure. Let’s do it!!!




My name is Isa. I still remember when I learned at school the meaning of “nomad”. It was amazing to me how people adapt their life to nature living a different challenge every day. So, for me, traveling was always a dream and challenges make me feel alive. I´ve been fortunate enough to make these dreams a reality, and now I can´t imagine doing anything else.
I´ve always loved the outdoors, people and natural beauty. That is why I pursued a vocational training in outdoor sports. My studies have given me the opportunity to travel in different countries and put my passion into practice through my work.


Cesar Velasco

Partner in Mexico

My name is Cesar Velasco, I was born in Mexico City where I studied architecture and music. I have been a federal tourist guide for over 14 years now. When I was 20 years old, I went to the Mexican Caribbean where I decided to move giving a 360 turn to my life. I started a new life as underwater photographer and diving instructor with specialty in cave diver. After some time, I discovered the kitesurfing which has also changed my life. Nowadays  I´m very happy  to do what I love and to help others to follow their dreams.


Ana Carrizosa

Partner in Mexico

My name is Ana and I´m from Spain. I have always been very close to the sea which I love and I have lived in many different places. When I was adolescent I decided to travel as a backpacker to explore the world and I discovered that scuba diving was my passion. Now I live in Mexico which is my second home, I love its food, the people, the nature… Its such an incredible country that there are no words to explain it. Now it has been 8 years living here and working as a professional diver.