Cozumel, a Paradise for Scuba Divers

Cozumel is well-known in the scuba diving industry as one of the best diving locations in the world. With an array of sea and breathtaking reef system, it’s a scuba diver’s dream.

Cozumel sits on the second largest barrier reef in the world! The only next largest is he great barrier reef of Australia. This reef runs from Cozumel, down to Belize and Honduras. It is the Caribbean’s best-keep secret… or at least it use to be. Thousands of divers now flock here every year to dive in some of the clearest and most colorful diving in the world!

Every diver in the world should have Cozumel on their bucket list. From walls, currents, caves, wrecks, and huge marine life – Cozumel has it all!! Plus visibility is incredible, usually up to 30 – 40 meters.

The water in Cozumel during summer is usually 29˚C and 23˚C in the winter making diving in Cozumel great all year around! With the cooler water there are more chances of swimming with eagle rays. The marine life in Cozumel is world renowned, as elsewhere in the Caribbean. The most common marine species are groupers, giant lobsters, loggerhead turtles, nurse sharks moray eels and many lion-fish.

There are over 40 dive sites in Cozumel, appropriate for all experience levels. There are wall dive sites, reef sites, and sites where you get a chance to swim through some pretty cool cavern structures.

Due to the currents present around Cozumel, many of the dive sites around the island are drift dives. Some are slow and gentle, others, particularly those in the south, are suitable only for experienced divers.

Imagine floating through a tunnel within the coral wall, drifting along the currents to come out to a group of nurse sharks swimming just above the drop off – now your imagining Cozumel. Due to the swift currents the coral in Cozumel is some of the cleanest and colorful there is to see (in the top five for best wall diving on Mexico’s east coast 2015)! And with big currents there are big wildlife!  When diving in Cozumel a beginner can start with the shallower end of the coral wall including anchors and cannons from a Spanish galleon as well as massive sea fan corals. For the more advance, diving in Cozumel can offer tunnels running through the walls, windward-side diving and six caves which are home to nurse sharks!

The friendly environment and the popularity of shore diving make Cozumel’s reputation. Indeed, it’s the perfect place to log more dives and meet new people! Go experience diving in Cozumeland make some new Amigos!

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