Find out how to travel with your sports equipment by plane

Find out how to travel with your sports equipment by plane

Traveling with sports equipment has been always a nightmare. Either if you are a surfer, a bicyclist or a kayaker you may need to pay a special baggage fee for taking your equipment on board.

In recent times, some airlines have changed their policies. So it’s important to check out the fine print of your ticket, because these can change from one airline to another. Depending as well on where you are traveling, the airplane size, and of course, what you are taking on board.

Taking your sports equipment on board

Sports equipment is actually part of the well known “special” equipment for airlines. Including things such as: golf sticks, bicycles, wheelchairs, musical instruments, and even fire guns.

As we mentioned before, all airlines have their own conditions and we all have to stick to them. It’s important to know all the details related to the equipment you want to take on board, like measures, number of wheels, pockets, or handles in case it has.

A free bag can be taken in the cabin luggage compartment only if it fits the given measures. But usually the size of out sports equipment exceeds the standard measures. So it’s important to ask your airline, or take a glance to all the details before you even buy the ticket.

In case your sports equipment is bigger and doesn’t fit the cabin luggage compartment, you will be asked to pay a special fee to check in it. These fees usually apply only on single flights. So if you plan to bring back your stuff, keep in mind you may need to pay a double fee. Please take note that your equipment has to be perfectly wrapped or packed. Aircrafts are usually picky in this respect.

Have in mind that sometimes is better (or cheaper) to rent an equipment when arriving to your destiny. It will all only depend on your decision and how much you are willing to pay for taking with you your beloved equipment!

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