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Brazil has the world’s wildest party (carnival in Rio de Janeiro), greatest waterfall (Iguazu Falls), biggest wetlands (Pantanal), mightiest river and largest rain forest (Amazon). It’s the only country in the world that has the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn running through it, with its extraordinary landscapes, abundant wildlife, extravagant festivals and energetic cities throbbing with culture and rhythm. Brazil is an incredible all-in-one adventure destination that’s hard to beat.

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Brazil Kite Safari Cumbuco – Parnaiba

9-Day Downwind Kite Safari from Cumbuco to Parnaíba in the Northeastern Brazil.   Can you imagine yourself in a place that all you have to think about is kitesurfing? Then Brazil is the one! Its consistent breeze, clear waters and great waves make Brazil a top-class Kitesurfing spot….

(2 Reviews)
$ 3299 /Person

Exploring the North Kite Safari

8-Day Downwind Kite Safari Exploring the North   How does a perfect kite trip look like? Wind every day, warm whether and great people maybe… But what if we  add flat-water lagoons and the best downwinders you’ll ever experience… How does it sound? For those…

(3 Reviews)
$ 3099 /Person