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What does it feel to have an adrenaline rush?

Beyond the mariachi, beers and tacos, Mexico offers a lesser-known adventure experience — the kind that is found deep in the jungle or near small fishing villages and offshore reefs. Bordering the Caribbean Sea, Mexico’s Quintana Roo is one of the top diving destinations in the world, its waters are packed with wild marine life, stunning reefs, mysterious cave systems and big-time fun. Prepare yourself for unparalleled adventures as you rappel, kitesurf, fly in parachute, go snorkeling with whale sharks or dive into cenotes among stalactites! All adventures in one place, these experiences are an ecological rollercoaster fully-loaded with exciting challenges and non-stop thrills!

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4- Day Kitesurfing Adventures in Tulum

ENJOY 4 DAYS OF KITESURFING NEXT TO THE MAYAN RUINS OVERLOOKING THE WHITE SAND BEACHES AND MAYAN TEMPLES   Tulum’s spectacular coastline is one of the most beautiful beaches in the World, with picturesque Mayan temples overlooking the white sandy beaches. 125 km south of…

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$ 1399 /Person