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United States

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With its cosmopolitan cities, passionate culture and staggering natural beauty, United States is a destination that’s difficult to top. Whether your idea of excitement is paragliding off a volcano, rappelling down a waterfall or just flattening a house with a tank, many of these extreme outdoor adventures can be tackled in a weekend getaway. With such a staggering breadth of different environments and experiences on offer across the 50 states, the hardest part will be deciding on a trip!

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Awaken your Senses in Aloha Hawaii

10 Days Aloha Adventures, Yoga and Surf Camp in Hawaii.   Hawaii’s way more than just sitting on a beach. There’s natural beauty, welcoming locals, and, of course, world-famous waves to see. Surfing was born in Hawaii and is deeply intertwined with its history and culture….

(5 Reviews)
$ 2489 /Person

Oregon Flying Expedition

4-Day Flying Expeditions in OREGON.   Oregon could arguably be the most Adventure packed state around. You’ll never be without something to do. Portland is the states’ largest city, and there’s no secret why, adventures are scattered all around; rappelling, rock climbing, zip lining, paragliding… Try  all…

(3 Reviews)
$ 2099 /Person

Solo Skydiving in Colorado

Get Certified for SOLO SKYDIVING in only 5 Days   With its vivid landscape of mountains, its passionate culture and its amazing natural beauty, Colorado is a difficult destination to overcome. Whether your idea of ​​emotion is jumping off a plane, descending a waterfall or simply…

(2 Reviews)
$ 2500 /Person

Multi-Adventure in Colorado

5-Day Getaway to Colorado: from the savage nature to the sky.   With some of the best riding, rafting, climbing and skiing in the world, Colorado’s stretch of the Rocky Mountains is a mecca for adventure geeks. Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned adrenaline…

(3 Reviews)
$ 1799 /Person