Peru, the richest country in the world

Peru invites us to discover that being rich isn’t about having the most; it’s about experiencing the most unforgettable moments. And these experiences begin on a trip to Peru, a place where the diversity and authenticity of the culture, nature and food hold the essence of life itself.

Have you ever dream about getting to know the magnificent Pacific coast, contemplating the infinity beauty of the Andes and feeling the exuberance of the Amazon jungle? The same country offers access to the sublime contrast of these unique natural settings.

Thanks to the legacy of powerful ancient civilizations, Peru is home to over 5,000 archeological sites. Many of them shrouded in mystery and are able to transport the visitor back to a time when these cultures flourished. For example, a visit to Machu Picchu reveals the perfection of the Inca Empire; you can reach this sacret spot on board trains that travel through breathtaking mountain landscapes dotted with colorful Andean villages.

The Peru Amazon River is the longest in South America with a biodiversity the richest of any river in the world, it is said that the river contains over two thousand five hundred species of fish, many different species of mammals, amphibians and snakes also live in the river. Along the shores of the mighty Peru Amazon many species of animals exist, some in danger of extinction, but luckily the governments of Peru and Brazil have been working together to protect the river and the jungle and have projects in place to protect the endangered species. Probably the most famous inhabitant of the Peru Amazon River is the Piranha, the funny fish with the bad reputation, but in fact the fish actually helps to keep the river clean, a fun fact you may not have known about the piranha.

The Peruvian Jungle Indians were not really affected by the Spanish invasion, but were more effected by the Europeans who discovered rubber in the region.

Today it is believed that there are tribes living deep in the Peruvian jungle that have never seen or meet white people.

For all this and more Peru is synonymous with nature and is one of the ten countries with the greatest biodiversity and natural resources in the world. With more than 158 protected natural areas, it has 84 of the 117 life zones around the world. Peru has 12 national parks, 11 national reserves, 7 national sanctuaries and 10 reserved areas. It is home to more than 1,800 species of birds and 10% of reptiles, mammals and fish on the planet. It also has 3,500 species of orchids.

A paradise for those who are passionate about adventure, Peru offers a wide range of activities for anyone interested, beginners, amateurs, and expert in mainly natural environments: trekking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, surfing, paragliding, hang gliding, canoeing and kayaking being some of the most popular activities within the world of possibilities the country offers. 12,000 lagoons, 50 mountains standing over 6,000 meters above sea level, the deepest canyons on the planet, among many other options, will meet the expectations of those seeking to get rid of some adrenaline on their travels.

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