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The 5 best destinations for snorkeling

Snorkeling is the perfect activity for an adventurous person who wants to discover nature. You will be able to practice sport, meet new interesting people and also discover dream places. Have you ever dreamed of being underwater next to marine vegetation and animals?

When you decide to live the adventure of preparing a snorkeling trip, one of the most important doubts is deciding where you will go. There are many places known for their ideal characteristics to practice this sport, which is why it is so difficult to make a choice. Here are 5 of our favorite places:

Cacun, Mexico

Cacun is not only a resort destination. It is one of the favorite places for divers, as it is home to the Underwater Museum of Art.

Holbox, Mexico

This city, less known than Cacun, is the ideal place to spot whale sharks, which are the largest fish in the world. It is a quiet and very friendly animal so snorkeling there is very safe. These crystal clear jade waters are an underwater paradise.

Seychelles Islands

These 100 islands in Africa are the perfect place to snorkel. The coral reefs of this area are full of marine life and they are absolutely beautiful. However, we recommend that you go to this place with an experienced guide in the area or an inhabitant of one of the islands to get to know the place in depth.


Bonaire, located in the Caribbean Sea, is another excellent choice if you want to see coral reefs and tropical fish. In addition, it is a natural paradise where you can do many other activities.

The Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii is always the right choice whether you decide to go snorkeling or surfing. The Big Island stands out for being the most popular choice for divers. You will be welcomed by sea turtles that come there every year to lay their eggs, but also by whales and dolphins – it is a paradise for marine mammals’ lovers!

Komodo Island, Indonesia

The home of the Komodo dragons also hides wonders in its waters. Its crystalline waters full of colorful marine vegetation make it a dream place.

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