Dive into the Underwater Mayan World: Cozumel

$ 500 /Person
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Enjoy 2 Days exploring Cozumel shallow reefs, full of tropical fish and amazing coral formations.


The largest populated island in the Mexican caribbean is a sanctuary for marine life small and big. With its lively reef system of striking natural beauty, Cozumel is any diver’s paradise. Thriving with vibrant colors and breath-taking views, Cozumel’s underwater world is a favorite of snorkelers and scuba divers year round. Come see for yourself!

Cozumel’s most beautiful corals are formed and located on the south west side of the island where there is natural protection from the prevailing winds of North East, making these waters the ideal conditions for coral to thrive for thousands of years.

The Reef National Park of Cozumel is considered part of the reef barrier called "Great Western Atlantic Reef Belt", also known as "Great Mayan Reef" and belongs to the "Mesoamerican Reef System". The island of Cozumel is mostly surrounded by coral reefs, however the area of ​​the park is included in the southern half of the island, south of the international docks, and surrounding the west, south coasts and a portion from the eastern coast. It constitutes a natural resource of great importance for the regional economy, since it is used for recreational activities, conservation, exploitation, education, dissemination and monitoring

DIVING LEVEL Certificates and non-certificates can come.

In this trip you will:

  • Dive in the most popular sites.
  • Improve your Dive skills
  • Explore underwater world
  • Life marine encounter


More Info:

  • Travel Style:  Marine Adventure
  • Physical Rating: 8
  • Level Required: All levels Divers
  • Price: $$
  • Season: All Year Long
  • Activities: Scuba Diving, Snorkeling


  • Transport from Cozumel International Airport to the accommodation
  • 2 nights room in a hotel
  • 2 Lunches included during the tours
  • 2 days Scuba Diving Adventures in Cozumel /two tanks:  *The 1st dive is usually a wall dive along the Palancar wall up to a maximum depth of 30 m; Santa Rosa, Palancar Caves, Bricks, Herradura, San Miguel, Colombia.  ** After a while on the surface, and eating, we do the 2nd dive; Paso del Cedral, Chaflanad, Yucab, Punta Tunick, Tormentos are usually the places where we perform the second dive.
  • Fresh Water during the tours
  • Transport to all activities included
  • 1 Expert from our team in all activities
  • Transportation from the accommodation to the airport



  • Nitrox: 10 usd per tank (Who wants nitrox must be notified in advance and show their certificate)

  • Flights

  • Insurance



  1. :

    I traveled as a solo female, to experience dive in Cozumel I chose I’m Your Trip, I am SO glad I did. I had some doubts and concerns about my skills and what to expect. They were so friendly and reassuring, they took me out and show some tricks and beautiful corals reefs Had a 2 tank dive and again, superior service. Fast boats and long dive times, my first was around 70 minutes I truly felt spoiled by the staff and can not wait to go again. Thank you guys!

    Sandy Phillips
    Ontario, Canada

  2. :

    Diving with I’m Your Trip is safe and they are on top of their game. I traveled with 3 friends and was exceptional! They spent quite a bit of time with me answering all my questions and offers me the best option for us to dive the best spots, a result we had a great time. This was the first ocean dive for 2 of us including me, our instructor Cesar spent the first dive with us and he took off wonderfully and made all that much more fun. 100% time highly recommended.

    Jeff Brington
    Plano, Texas

  3. :

    I dove with I’m Your Trip divers over Christmas and the staff was superb!
    They were efficient, the equipment was prepared properly, the boats are small which makes the experience so much nicer. Our dive master was great- very helpful and experienced.
    For 2 days we dove with them and I would recommend it to everyone. This the best diving experience I’ve Had.. Now Planning our next trip with you guys!!

    John Zahner
    Kansas City, Missouri

  4. :

    Everything about this trip to Cozumel is top shelf. Boats, Instructors, Knowledge, Safety, Equipment. Third time going with them. Very well organized. ***Bea the owner was awesome, thanks so much!***
    Caters to each diver. Takes care of folks. Could not ask for any better. Travel and dive with I’m Your Trip!!!!

    Susy Lewis
    Tallahassee, Florida

  5. :

    It was our first trip to CZM. We were not disappointed. And diving was #1 on our list. I’m Your Trip team made it almost too easy!
    Was a delight to be with incredibly discerning experienced diving patrons, which to me, speaks volumes about the quality of this dive operation. Cannot wait to return as we have no doubt that any adventure with I’m Your Trip is a caliber above exceptional.

    Mariah Fletcher
    Ocala, Florida


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Yes, if you follow PADI international standards, dive with one of our certified instructors or divemasters and follow the instructions given, anyone can dive.

For the depths and times of this diving program you can fly 12 hours afterwards if you participate in just 1 dive, and after 18 hours if you participate in 2 dives in a day. This is an accordance with International Diving Regulations.

Yes soft lenses can be worn, but we advise not to wear hard or medium hard lenses, because there is a possibility of losing them. Sight under water is magnified by one third.

Every year, approximately from June to mid September, large groups of Whale Sharks congregate to the warm Caribbean waters near Isla Mujeres feeding on plankton and other elements at the surface. The plankton, krill and also eggs from fish spawn enrich the biomass in the water, creating millions of thousands of tiny particles floating and suspended close to the surface. Whale Sharks congregate at the surface to feed on those particles; often in groups of 50 to 100. They slowly move filtering the water. Watching the Whale Sharks feed at the surface while swimming amoung them is an thrilling and unforgettable sight.

Touching the whale sharks and any marine life is strictly prohibited. In line with the Code of Conduct, for the safety of customers and the whale sharks, swimmers must stay a minimum of 3 metres away from the body and 4 metres away from the tail. A full and comprehensive briefing is given onboard by the guides before the whale shark interaction.

A cavern is as the opening area of a cave that receives direct sunlight, goes no deeper than 70 feet (21 m) and is within 130 linear feet (39 m) of the cave entrance. Basically, if you don’t see natural light, you’re in a cave. And since a cavern is defined by natural light — sunlight, caverns do not exist at night. Cavern diving is strictly a daytime endeavor.