Peruvian Jungle Safari

$ 799 /Person
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Experience the deep Amazon in this 5-Day wildest adventure in the Empire of Treasures.


Experience the true lush of the wild jungle and live an unforgettable experience while feeling nature and adrenaline together flowing through your body. Puerto Maldonado is the gate way to the Southern Peruvian Amazon, home to thousands of species that offers you incredible opportunities to soak in the  Amazon jungle and learn everything you need to know about this wonderful land and its wild life.

Experience the Amazonian adventure of birdwatching, canoeing, jungle hikes, and spotting animals such as primate and tarantula during the night. If you are looking forward to exploring the rich forest of Amazon, this wildlife trip is for you!


In this trip  you will:

  • Kayaking watching the sunset
  • Fishing at the river
  • Birdwatching and wildlife viewing
  • Learn about plants and medicinal trees
  • Get to hear the sound of the Amazon jungle
  • Exploration of Tambopata Reserve and Sandoval Lake
  • Canopy searching for the giant tree and monkeys encounter
  • Night Walk and alligator sight-seen
  • Jungle Hikes


More Info:

  • Travel Style:  Jungle Expedition
  • Physical Rating:  6
  • Level Required:  Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced
  • Price:  $$
  • Season:  All Year Long
  • Activities:   Kayaking, Trekking, Zip lining
  • Ages:  30 - 50


  • Transportation from the airport of Madre de Dios to the  Lodge
  • 5 Days sharing room in Lodge ( You can supplement for a private room )
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included
  • Canopy zip lining adventure at the Forest Jungle and Kayaking tour watching the river sunset
  • All day excursion to Lake Sandoval and National Tambopata
  • Early Expedition to Colpa de Loros, opportunity to see the Macaws at the famous claylicks
  • Zip Lining Adventure Day at Madre de Dios Monkey Island and meets Natives Families
  • Nights walks in the Jungle
  • Fishing in a hidden Lake observing the colorful birds
  • Trekking Alligator sightseen at night
  • 1 Expert from our team all days long
  • BBQ party night out
  • Transportation from the hotel to the airport of Madre de Dios.



  • Flights
  • Insurance
  1. :

    We took the trip with some friends and enjoyed so much. We even went into the jungle to see indigenous people. That was a treat. One day was sunny, the next was rainy, not the best day to take a trip, but we had fun anyway. I’m Your Trip Team who ran this tour was fun and helped us understand the culture of those who live in this area. Definitely an unforgettable life experience. Thank you SO MUCH!!!

    Lenore G
    Morgan Hill, California

  2. :

    Great Tour
    I took the tour. Everything was splendid and the staff were great, and very knowledgable.
    The lodge they take you too is absolutely beautiful,rustic you can feel the nature!! You will stay there, and absolutely enjoy its ambiance. Food that was freshly made was great. It is in the jungle so enjoy life naturally 🙂 The expeditions to the river was very enjoyable and unique. The macaws, caymans, monkeys was a really lovely to appreciate in the real habitad. Trekking and zip lining was hard but at the same time the views and walk in the forest is an unexplainable sensation!! All the people here was very gentle and help me so much…specially during the activities ….. Glad to experience the jungle!

    Ali S
    Dallas, Texas

  3. :

    Fantastic guides, fantastic tour group. Can’t say enough about our experience with I’m Your Trip. Our guides were absolutely wonderful — professional, incredibly informative, kind, funny. Great people, great guides! We had the privilege of seeing so much wildlife including giant river otters, macaws, piranhas, and so much more. Would definitely recommend I’m Your Trip Peruvian Jungle Safari to anyone.

    Ari Satone
    Johannesburg, South Africa

  4. :

    I went on a 6 day 5 night trip to Tambopata , and the trip exceeded my expectations in every single way. The location was unbelievably beautiful, there were frequent and diverse animal sightings, and the staff was suburb. Indeed everyone we met was highly knowledgeable, extremely courteous, and committed to ensuring a wonderful trip for their guests. The lodging and food were also great which is particularly impressive, Our Guide help us all the time and give us all the details about very interesting animals and birds. and guide us to the excursions in the most fun way. Thanks I’m your trip me and my friends had a great time lost in the jungle!!

    Jonny Barbs
    Chicago, Illinois

  5. :

    We had the best time on this trip. Professionally organised, great wildlife sightings, heaps of excursions, good food and comfortable lodge. From the moment we were met at the airport until the 6 day trip ended we had a great time. If you want 5 star this is not the trip for you but if you want to experience the Amazon and see the wildlife this is a great trip. Thank you Bea, Emir, and crew for a great trip. We will be back. We saw about 36 sloths including a 2 toed sloth so we claimed the record. We will be back to try and eat it. Cheers for all the good times!

    Chuck Maratsz
    Vernon Hills, Illinois


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Our trip includes picking you up from the airport. Here you will find more information:

Step One: By Air

To get to the Tambopata National Reserve and most of the areas jungle lodges, you first need to go to Puerto Maldonado. Puerto Maldonado is the gateway city to the reserve, and the capital of the Madre de Dios state. There are daily incoming flights to Puerto Maldonado. These flights arrive from Lima or Cuzco in Peru, at least three times a day.
The flights from Lima depart from the Jorge Chavez Airport Domestic Flight Terminal. The trip takes about three hours, and most of these flights stop in Cuzco before continuing on to Puerto Maldonado. Flights from Cuzco depart from the domestic terminal of the Velasco Astete Airport, and the trip takes around 45 minutes.

Step Two: By Land

Once you arrive in Puerto Maldonado, Rainforest Expeditions, and most other lodge and tour companies, will be waiting for you at the airport’s Arrivals Terminal. From there, you hop on a bus for a quick stop to the company’s office, before continuing on to the river port.

Step Three: By Water

Once at the port, you’ll board boats — comfortable motorized canoes called botes — to continue to the lodges along the river where your lodge is located. In our case, all our lodges are located along the Tambopata River. Most lodges are one to four hours away by boat from the port in these river, while in the Madre de Dios, you can find lodges very close to the city from around 15 to 20 minutes away the river port.
Boat schedules are designed to meet your flights, but you shouldn’t arrive after 13:30 (1:30 p.m.) because then you might have to travel by boat in the dark to get to your lodge. Keep in mind, there are legal basis of river transportation where lodges have a limit hour to navigate in the river for travelers safety.
Boat rides are great, and are actually a favorite activity for many travelers. On the beautiful, pleasantly breezy ride, you’ll probably see Capybara and Caiman — and with lots of luck, even a Jaguar!

A travel-insurance policy to cover theft, loss, adventure sports and medical problems is a very good idea. Some policies specifically exclude dangerous activities, so check carefully to make sure you're covered for all your activities of choice.
Here some suggestions:

-World Nomads:
-John Hancock:

One of the most frequently asked questions by people who are planning a trip to Peru is when they should visit Tambopata. They wonder if weather and/or animal sightings vary by time of year or if there are other factors to take into consideration. Although it would be easy to say that it’s worth it to experience the exciting Amazonian rainforests of Tambopata at any time of the year. have two seasons,The Wet seasons and Dry season.

Although it can rain at any time of the year, the Tambopata region tends to be drier from May until October. The rains start up in earnest in November and continue until April with therainiest months usually being November and December. Upsides to visiting during the dry season are trails that aren’t as muddy, little chance of activities being affected by rain, and more macaws and parrots on the clay licks. Downsides to visiting during the dry season are hotter weather, less bird activity on sunny days, more difficulty in finding amphibians, and more travel time on rivers due to low water levels.

In all honesty, no month is particularly better to see animals than any other. While more parrots and macaws tend to visit the clay lick during the dry season, other animals are encountered with the same frequency no matter what the time of the year. A much bigger factor that comes into play for seeing Amazonian wildlife is the guide’s level of experience and training.

If you visit lodges such as the Tambopata Research Center, Refugio Amazonas, or Posada Amazonas, you have a very good chance of seeing several monkey species throughout the year. The rollicking calls of Dusky Titis echo from vine tangles, Red Howler Monkeys call from the canopy, and troops of Squirrel Monkeys roam through second growth near oxbow lakes. Black Spider Monkeys may be a bit easier to find during the wet season because it’s usually easier to locate the fruiting trees they feed on but a good guide will increase your chances of seeing them no matter what the time of the year.

Here are some suggestions:
• Binoculars
• Camera gear, bring your long lens!
• Tight-weave, light colored, long cotton pants
• Long sleeved, tight-weave, light colored cotton shirts
• Ankle-high hiking boots and sneakers
• Flashlight (headlamp) with batteries
• Sunblock lotion
• Sunglasses
• Broad-brimmed hat
• Rain suit or poncho
• Insect repellent
• Small denomination bills
• Small daypack
• Slippers or sandals for walking around the lodge